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12310. RedQuaker said in November 21st, 2016

I was at a Quaker gathering this weekend. A woman spoke of a Muslim boy in her community being told that he and all the Muslims in this country would be killed and that all the Blacks would be put back into slavery. Hate crimes are up across the country.

I see no reason to question the basic decency of the vast majority of Trump voters. Trump himself appears to be a narcissistic psychopath — someone incapable of feeling remorse. Such people are dangerous even if they are not in positions of power. But, they are not inherently evil.

However, his election has enable, emboldened, and empowered, an enormous basket of deplorables. All kinds of disgustingly ugly (thats the politically incorrect term for politically incorrect) ideas and attitudes are being legitimized on the ground. If unchecked, acts of violence against the vulnerable will proliferate.

If, as seems incredibly likely, whatever policies Trump and his enablers in Congress put into place do not address the difficulties of the white working class but rather exacerbate them, then the temptation to scapegoat the usual suspects will escalate rapidly. Folks, this is what fascism looks like.

We are not there yet, but the republic stands on the blade of a knife. One of the many things that are needed is a broad-based, nonviolent, militant anti-fascist mobilization dedicated to protecting the vulnerable, defending democratic norms, and confronting the monstrous. (Nonviolent, because violent resistance under these conditions would be both ineffective and extremely counter-productive. They have the guns and are itching for an excuse to use them.)

Any conservatives out there willing to publicly identify as anti-fascist?

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